Research Centres

Faculty of Applied Sciences (FOAS)

BioScience and Food Science Research Centre 

a. Bioscience Research Group (Biosc@TAR)

b. Innovative Food Science and Nutrition Research Group  (Food@TAR)

c. Agriculture Research Group (AGRI@ TAR) 

With a focus on environmental sustainability, the Centre conducts BioScience, Food Science and Chemistry research activities, provides scientific instrumentation services and consultancy to other education or research institutions as well as for the industry and conducts trainings and workshops. It also serves as an incubator to explore new ideas and research, and to nurture new researchers.

Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FOET)

Centre for Advanced Materials

Our research team is working on advanced energy materials for fuel cell and ultracapacitor as well as nanomaterials for coating, sensing and biomedical applications. Different types of advanced materials such as graphene-based materials, conducting polymer, nanostructured metal oxides and advanced ceramics materials have been successfully developed by the team via simple and cost-effective synthesis methods including hydrothermal, ultrasonication, sonochemical, electrochemical, ball milling, microwave heating and polycondensation.

Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business (FAFB)

Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability

FAFB aims to provide and conduct consultancy services and research & development (R&D) by producing high quality and impactful solutions in the area of entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability; and establish collaborative partnership with businesses, industries, academics, education service providers, non-profit organisations, government and non-government organisations. In addition, the Centre will also provide relevant training, workshop, and seminar pertaining to consultancy and research & development (R&D) to our staff, students and other stakeholders in order to cultivate a strong consultancy and research & development (R&D) culture in the Faculty.

Faculty of Built Environment (FOBE)

Centre for Construction Research

The CCR is a one-stop centre or a platform to promote and conduct research activities pertaining to the built environment. Following TAR UMT research, development, and commercialisation initiative, CCR also acts as a drive to explore new ideas and possibilities, to deliver end products / techniques, and to nurture entrepreneurs-cum-researchers.

Centre for BIM Research

The focus of this Centre is to produce high quality impartial industry-focussed BIM research, training and consultancy for the built environment practitioners and academics. Where necessary, the scope and deliveries will be focused on the Architecture, Engineering and Construction, suppliers and international research collaboration in BIM technologies, implementation and teaching and learning as the Centre’s main activities.

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